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Affordable 1 or 2-week classes led by high school students that help youth develop critical thinking and technical skills through awesome online learning.

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Recommended for Grades 6-8

Only $35 for 2 weeks

Interested in 3D printing and CAD? Learn the basics of 3D design and then put your skills to the test by problem-solving in groups using design thinking. The learning style is hands-on with 1-on-1 feedback. At the end of the two weeks, you will receive a printed version of your design by mail!


Recommended for Grades 3-5

Only $35 for 2 weeks

Younger kids will enjoy this hands-on, mess-free art form of paper folding! We will spend a week and a half exploring different uses and types of origami styles, before learning and trying to design your own model! The benefits of origami improve imagination, fine motor skills, and help develop a 3D mind! Origami can inspire kids to be interested in geometry and architecture in a fun way!


Recommended for Grades 6-8

Only $40 for 1 week

Craving more 3D design? This class will deepen your knowledge in CAD by focusing on utilizing a different printing technique to create a lovely music box! The learning style is hands-on with 1-on-1 feedback. At the end of the week, you will receive the physical music box you designed by mail!


Recommended for Grades 6-8

Only $40 for 2 weeks

Older kids who are interested in paper folding will get the opportunity to visit and try out different aspects of origami that they may have never seen before! In the second week, we will be in the shoes of an origami designer and author by learning how to design your own model and use software to draw diagrams like those in a book! Besides paper-folding, origami can be utilized from space satellite solar panel designs to tiny surgical robots for patching wounds inside of the body.

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